Episode One – A Penny for My Thoughts

Episode One – A Penny for My Thoughts (43 mins) Download
A Penny for My Thoughts is a tabletop roleplaying game designed by Paul Tevis.

Ric & Rob talk about A Penny for My Thoughts (2009), a game of amnesiacs undergoing an experimental procedure to recover their memories.

00:23 Why are we talking about this game?
00:56 A scary game?
02:08 Real stories from a ludicrous premise?
06:45 The designer’s intent
08:36 Powerful emotions and safety
09:56 How it brings players to play together
11:12 An extended form of character creation?
11:43 Mechanics
14:19 Player agency over the character
16:45 Better and safer play?
22:11 Where is the game coming from?
25:35 Does it work?
29:33 Does it hold together?
30:00 Dealing with gonzo
31:44 The pennies
32:30 Why play this game?
34:48 What should designers take from this game?
39:55 Is it part of our canon?
42:18 Another game to look at Psi*Run (2007)

Games mentioned
1001 Nights (2006)
A Taste for Murder (2010)
Don’t Rest Your Head (2006)
Durance (2012)
Intrepid (2013)
Lacuna (2006)
Microscope (2011)
Sorceror (2002) (& its supplement Sex & Sorcery)
Spark (2013)
The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1998)
Time & Temp (2009)

Books mentioned
Impro (1979)

There are no disclosures for this episode.

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