Episode Two – Microscope

Episode Two – Microscope (30 mins) Download
Microscope is a tabletop roleplaying game designed by Ben Robbins.

Ric & Rob talk about Microscope (2011), a game of building a history in an afternoon.

00:29 Why are we talking about this game?
00:53 Unlike any game before it?
01:17 More than just a game?
03:11 Where did it come from?
03:56 Mechanics
04:25 The bookends
04:47 The lens and the focus
05:57 The legacies
06:57 Periods, events and scenes
08:24 Importance of the bookend limits
09:22 An elastic chronology
11:30 Does it work?
12:47 Push
14:33 A roleplaying game?
15:11 Scenes, scene framing and different play styles
18:22 Why play this game?
20:34 A self-recording game
21:30 The creative hot-seat
23:32 What should designers take from this game?
26:45 Is it part of our canon?
29:13 Another game to look at Fiasco (2009)

Ric & Rob are Kickstarter backers of Microscope Explorer (a series of expansions by Ben Robbins) and were part of the open beta playtest.

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