Episode Five – Durance

Episode Five – Durance (28 mins) Download
Durance is a tabletop roleplaying game designed by Jason Morningstar.

Ric & Rob talk about Durance (2012), a game of authority, savagery and servility set in prison on an alien planet.

00:21 What is this game?
02:32 Historical background
02:58 Following the success of Fiasco
03:54 A powerful game with a dark sense of humour
04:45 A low chance of survival?
06:36 The character sheet
08:17 A symmetry of power
10:00 Rooting for the underdogs
10:42 The dice mechanic
12:07 Playing characters of different status
15:02 The purpose of the design?
17:13 Oaths and breaking them
21:29 Scene-framing and questions
24:48 Exploring different tones and stories
25:47 What happened to Durance?
27:20 Another game to look at Dog Eat Dog (2012)

Games mentioned
Carolina Death Crawl (2013)
Dog Eat Dog (2012)
Dungeon World (2012)
Fiasco (2009)
Forsooth! (2012)
Microscope (2011)
Night Witches (2014)

TV shows mentioned

Ric and Rob were crowdfunding backers of Durance. The designer also won the Designer award in the London Indiemeet Darling awards in 2013 and 2014 which were organised by Ric. The designer also gave Ric permission to use another of his games as a basis for a game Ric helped to design.

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