Episode Eight – Vast & Starlit

Episode Eight – Vast & Starlit (40 mins) Download
Vast & Starlit is a tabletop roleplaying game designed by Epidiah Ravachol.

Ric & Rob talk about Vast & Starlit (2013), a game of interstellar renegades exploring the galaxy.

00:23 Why are we talking about this game?
00:51 An epic game on a business card
02:30 Who do you play?
02:56 Where did it come from?
04:30 What was the designer’s goal?
04:52 A weird inspiration
06:02 A crew without hierarchy
06:53 One-shot goals: designating a captain
07:19 Keeping the crew together
08:02 Mechanics – character creation
09:10 Playing low status characters
09:57 The significance of the ship as home
10:59 Scene-framing assumptions
12:46 Dangerous or difficult or both
13:41 Resolving by cutting away! Compression / Decompression
16:57 Integrating the resolution and skipping forwards
20:02 Creating alien cultures
23:05 Does it work?
24:37 The danger of disappearing into your backstory
26:29 Material for plot
27:04 The danger of creating through questions
28:43 The resolution mechanic
30:35 A lack of structure?
32:21 Why play this game?
32:57 A subversion of the classic RPG party
34:24 Is it part of our canon?
38:35 Another game to look at Swords Without Master (2014)

Games mentioned
A Penny for My Thoughts (2009)
Archipelago (2007)
Doll (2013)
Kingdom (2013)
Love in the Time of Seið (2010)
MonkeyDome (2009)
Monsterhearts (2012)
Nanoworld (2013)
Spione (2007)
Witch House (2013)

Media mentioned
Blake’s 7
Mad Max: Fury Road
Red Dwarf
The Lord of the Rings

Rob is a patron of the designer’s Patreon.

4 thoughts on “Episode Eight – Vast & Starlit”

  1. “Dark Matter” seems to have been made from an Actual Play of Vast and Starlit. And yeah, one player is too tied up with their own backstory!


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