Dragonmeet 2015 seminar

What’s Hot in Indie RPGs and Story Games? – Dragonmeet 2015 seminar (48 mins) Download

“It takes a village to raise a Kickstarter”

Ric moderated this seminar at Dragonmeet on 5th December 2015:

(Read the hand-out, including popular con games and biggest kickstarters here)

00:07 Anita Murray on Blades in the Dark by John Harper
Lady Blackbird, The Mustang, Ghost/Echo

03:52 Becky Annison on Itras By by Ole Peder Giæver & Martin Bull Gudmunsen

08:30 Joanna Piancastelli on Heroes of the Hearth by Stiainin Jackson in the Seven Wonders anthology

11:44 Robert Carnel on Public Access and Transmission

16:10 Robert Carnel on design competitions
200 word rpg, David Schirduan on Tabletop Superhighway, Threeforged, Golden Cobra, Game Chef, 24 hour rpg, Dramasystem setting, Fiasco playset, Gumshoe setting, Warbirds Kickstarter, Langer Memorial Trauma Center, Carolina Death Crawl, Disco World

24:23 Anita Murray on collective game design and pulling together an artistic community
Magpie Games, Masks, Evil Hat, Monster of the Week, John Keyworth, James Mullen, Graham Walmsley, Gregor Hutton

30:14 Becky Annison on Kickstarting Lovecraftesque
Stealing Cthulhu, Nathan Paoletta, Jason Morningstar, Graham Walmsley, Anna Kreider

39:21 Joanna Piancastelli on the culture of playtesting
Night Witches, Masks, Headspace, Hannah Shaffer on Tabletop Superhighway

42:41 Questions – Indie rpgs in the rest of the world?
Fastaval, Playground magazine, Aquelarre

45:47 Questions – Are UK games not as widely played because of a lack of a seminal work?
Apocalypse World, James Mullen

Anita Murray is the Contribution to Irish Gaming winner 2013 and the Irish National Game Writer Award winner for 2012. As well as organising design Playstorms for London Indiemeet, she’s also the founder and editor-in-chief of The Gazebo (an Irish and UK-based online RPG ‘zine).


Becky Annison is the designer behind When the Dark is Gone, a game published in the Seven Wonders Anthology by Pelgrane Press. She has also recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign for Lovecraftesque with her co-designer and partner Josh Fox. Becky is interested in how we can better understand and experience emotions in role-playing from the joyful to the cathartic and she is passionate about inclusivity and diversity in gaming.


Joanna Piancastelli is a London-based indie game designer. Her superhero freeform larp Unheroes won the 2014 Golden Cobra Challenge, and hew new tabletop game Before the Storm has just been published in the Seven Wonders anthology from Pelgrane Press. Her upcoming game Headcanon will feature in the London Indie RPG Meetup Group anthology next year.


Robert Carnel discovered roleplaying through the world of the Warlock of Firetop Mountain and has been going left at t-junctions ever since. He began reviewing rpgs in 1993 with the zine Carnel and he’s currently the editor of the webzine Thee Rapture in which he reviews many new, experimental games and writes about the techniques and theories of roleplaying. He’s also one of the most prolific GMs in the London indie scene.

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