Episode Zero

Episode Zero (28 mins) Download
Reflecting on season one and how we think differently about games

00:00 Have we changed?
02:00 A critical eye
03:03 Who was our audience?
04:38 Different interpretations of the same mechanics
07:20 Why a second season?
09:45 Two different modes of roleplaying
12:53 The ideal game
14:05 The concept of a canon
15:06 The bucket list
18:21 GMless games
19:21 How the first season was received
22:25 The season one bucket list

Games mentioned
Monsterhearts (2012)
The Quiet Year (2013)
Microscope (2011)
A Penny For My Thoughts (2009)
Chainmail (1971)
Slammin’ (2012)
Kingdom (2013)
Vast & Starlit (2013)
The Name of God (2016)
The Deep Forest (2014)

Media mentioned
Fallout 4 without killing

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