Episode One – Swords Without Master

Episode One – Swords Without Master (44 mins) Download
Swords Without Master is a tabletop roleplaying game designed by Epidiah Ravachol.
Don’t like background music? Find the music-free recording at the bottom of the page.

Ric & Rob talk about Swords Without Master (2014), a game of strange sorceries, brutal violence and astounding wonder.

00:27 Why are we talking about this game?
02:44 Where did it come from?
06:12 What was the designer’s goal?
07:28 What are the mechanics?
11:46 Does it work?
21:37 Motifs and excitement
23:45 The Overplayer: its role and playing it
30:57 What is it a game about?
36:08 Why play this game?
38:10 What should designers take from this game?
40:35 Is it part of our canon?
42:07 Other games to look at S/Lay w/Me (2009) and Breaking the Ice (2005)

Games mentioned
A City of Fire & Coin (2012)
Itras By (2008/12)
Monkey Dome (2009)
Bliss Stage (2011)
Burning Wheel (2002)
Fiasco (2009)
Dungeons & Dragons (1974-2014)
Psi*Run (2007)
Time & Temp (2009)
Kingdom (2013)
Apocalypse World (2010)
Monsterhearts (2012)
Archipelago (2007-12)
Protocol (2013)
Durance (2012)

Media mentioned
Worlds Without Master
Mad Max
Guardian article

Rob is a patron of the designer’s Patreon. The designer won a London Indie Darling award in 2015 (which were organised by Ric).

Music is Dark Ritual by David O’Brien and used under licence from Audio Network.

Music-free version Download

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