Episode Two – Fiasco

Episode Two – Fiasco (34 mins) Download
Fiasco is a tabletop roleplaying game designed by Jason Morningstar.
Don’t like background music? Find the music-free recording at the bottom of the page.

Ric & Rob talk about Fiasco (2009), a game of ordinary people, powerful ambition and poor impulse control.

00:24 Why are we talking about this game?
01:02 How do you play?
02:35 Where did it come from?
06:35 Structured vs unstructured relationship setup and dependency on playsets
08:35 The resolution mechanic
10:50 What was the designer’s goal?
12:45 Does it work?
23:25 What should designers take from this game?
30:05 Is it part of our canon?*
32:50 Other games to look at Polaris (2005) and Protocol (2013)

*We meant Intolerable Cruelty

Games mentioned
Grey Ranks (2007)
In A Wicked Age (2007)
The Shab-Al-Hiri Roach (2006)
Polaris: Chivalric Tragedy At Utmost North (2005)
Prime Time Adventures (2004-15)
A Penny For My Thoughts (2009)
Microscope (2011)
Durance (2012)
Dungeons & Dragons (1974-2014)
Apocalypse World (2010)
Dungeon World (2012)
Monsterhearts (2012)

Media mentioned
Fiasco Tabletop episode
Diana Jones award to Grey Ranks
Interview with Jason Morningstar on origins of Fiasco
Coen Brothers

The designer has won several London Indie Darling awards (which were organised by Ric). Separately, the designer also allowed Ric usage of the Love in the Time of Seið mechanics in Anarktica.

Music is Showdown in Sonora by Tim Devine and Ned Milton and used under licence from Audio Network.

Music-free version Download

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