What’s Hot in Story Games 2016

What’s Hot in Story Games 2016? – Dragonmeet 2016 seminar (48 mins) Download
An annual lookback at 2016 and some of the games and trends in story games and narrative rpgs.

Ric moderated this seminar at Dragonmeet on 3rd December 2016. The panel was Rob, Grant Howitt, Joanna Piancastelli and Lloyd Gyan. (Read the hand-outs, including popular con games, biggest kickstarters and top patreons and a list of games released in 2016)

0007 Rob Carnel on Soap Bubble by Joshua Fox and Annex by John Keyworth

0408 Grant Howitt on Cryptomancer by Chad Walker and Ten Candles by Stephen Dewey

0656 Joanna Piancastelli on Bluebeard’s Bride by Whitney “Strix” Beltrán, Marissa Kelly, and Sarah Richardson and the Warbirds anthology

1140 Lloyd Gyan on Masks: A New Generation by Brendan Conway and Monkey: A Second Incarnation by Newt Newport

1627 Rob Carnel on smaller games and game competitions
200 word rpg challenge
Golden Cobra Challenge
Game Chef
7th Sea 2e kickstarter
John Harper’s Patreon (Breakers)
Grant Howitt’s Patreon (The Witch is Dead, Golden Sea)
Blades in the Dark
Lady Blackbird

2518 Grant Howitt on the absence of technology
Ticket to Atlantis (the Russian larp mentioned)
Viewscream 2e
XCOM: the Board Game

3148 Joanna Piancastelli on the impact of blockbuster larps
Convention of Thorns
College of Wizardry
Fairweather Manor
Ghost Court
The Line
Fall of Magic
Invisible Sun

3740 Lloyd Gyan on online gaming and meeting new people
Tabletop RPG One Shot facebook group

4124 Do high production values reduce accessibility?
4307 Views on second editions of indie games?
Apocalypse World 2e
Monsterhearts 2e

4449 Upcoming games we’re excited about?
Monkey: A Second Incarnation
Atlas Reckoning
The Spire

4608 Playing rpgs in public?

Rob Carnel is a game critic, zine editor and one of the most prolific game-runners at London Indiemeet.

Grant Howitt is a freelance writer and the game designer behind Goblin Quest, Drunken Bear Fighter and Doctor Magnethands. This year he ran the very successful kickstarter for his new game Unbound.

Joanna Piancastelli is a globe-trotting game designer, just returned from the Metatopia game design convention in America and Convention of Thorns, the newest Polish castle larp. Her game Before the Storm is published in the Seven Wonders anthology from Pelgrane Press, and she’s currently working on a play-by-video larp design.

Lloyd Gyan is a lover of indie and story games and also a GMing phenomenon.

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