Epidiah Ravachol and Swords Without Master

Epidiah Ravachol and Swords Without Master (28 mins) Download
A detailed discussion with Epidiah Ravachol about the design of Swords Without Master

0000 Why has Swords taken so long?
0125 What has pro-wrestling to do with the Perilous Phase?
0209 How each phase shares responsibility for the narrative
0333 The Rogues Phase and Playing your character in the face of demands that go against your vision of the character and framing demands
0650 The Discovery Phase as driver of the game
0820 The Phase for ending the game
0933 The design origins of the Phases
1335 The Overplayer’s sense of wonder in the Discovery phase
1437 Stymies and “Just call it failure!”
1636 Morals and amoral tales
1810 Mysteries and the world is weirder than you think
1840 Motifs, echoes and chapter breaks
2242 Motif reincorporation and ending the game
2439 Epilogues and hopes for multi-session play
2643 Changes to the finished version

Games mentioned
Sorceress Bloody Sorceress (2014)
Apocalypse World (2010)
The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1998)
The Black Hack (2016)
Annalise (2010)
Invisible Empire (2015)

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