Acquiring IP licenses and designing genre in rpgs

UK Games Expo seminar: Acquiring IP licenses and designing genre in rpgs (48 mins) Download
A panel seminar from UK Games Expo led by Michael Duxbury and including Darren Pearce on writing the Judge Dredd rpg, Ed Jowett and John from Shades of Vengeance and Ric talking nanogame design of specific shows and books

0000 Introductions
0510 Ed Jowett on Acquiring a licence: estates, companies, individuals
0720 Darren Pearce on How to work for a publisher with a licence
1535 John on Being a professional writer and expectations of writing for a licensed work
1840 Michael Duxbury on Creating a genre game by hacking another
2625 Epistolary Richard on Four approaches to creating a genre game as a nanogame
3605 Darren Pearce on writing licensed games and fan expectations for The First Doctor sourcebook
4000 Epistolary Richard on Fan enthusiasm and criticism with Scythes of the Emperor
4250 John and Darren on dealing with a blank page

Games mentioned
Judge Dredd rpg (2017)
Doctor Who (2009)
Savage Worlds (2003)
Hunter: The Vigil (2008)
Memory Ball (2015)
A Town with Pep! (2017)
Girls from Gilmore, Boys from the Dwarf (2017)
Star Wars (West End Games) (1987)

Media mentioned
My Little Pony
Men in Black
The A-Team
Inside Out
Veronica Mars
Gilmore Girls
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Scythes of the Emperor
Star Wars Rebels

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