What’s Hot in Story Games 2017

What’s Hot in Story Games 2017? – Dragonmeet 2017 seminar (45 mins) Download
An annual lookback at 2017 and some of the games and trends in story games and narrative rpgs.

Ric moderated this seminar at Dragonmeet on 2nd December 2017. The panel was Rob, Becky Annison, Elizabeth Lovegrove and Lloyd Gyan. (Read the hand-outs, including popular con games, biggest kickstarters and top patreons and a list of games released in 2017)

0100 Rob Carnel on Fair Verona Burns: A Tragedy In Three Acts (2017)
0300 Becky Annison on Bluebeard’s Bride (2017)
0753 Elizabeth Lovegrove on Dialect (201?)
1110 Lloyd Gyan on Tales From The Loop (2017) (and Hood: Adventures in Sherwood (2017))

1622 Rob Carnel on blurring the lines between mainstream & indie design and whether some rule systems liberate or constrain their hacks
2130 Becky Annison on non-violence
2700 Elizabeth Lovegrove on rpgs in education
2845 Lloyd Gyan on Irish rpg conventions

3218 Q&A: Games with mechanically supported courtly intrigue?
3548 Q&A: Games using Augmented/Virtual Reality?
3645 Q&A: What stakes can you use without violence?
4000 Q&A: How to get into indie rpgs in London?

4200 What games are you looking forward to?
Rob Carnel: The Sword, the Crown & the Unspeakable Power (201?)
Becky Annison: Winterhorn (2017)
Elizabeth Lovegrove: Good Society (201?)
Lloyd Gyan: Katanas & Trenchcoats (201?)

Other games mentioned
1001 Nights (2006)
6016 (#Feminism anthology (2016))
Alas, the Awful Sea (2017)
Bedlam Hall (2017)
Court Whispers (not yet released)
Death is the new Pink (2017)
Dread House (2010)
Dungeons & Dragons (1974-2014)
Freemarket (2010)
Golden Sky Stories (2013)
Grunting: the Race for Fire (2007)
Home By Dark (2017)
Houses of the Blooded (2008)
Legend of the Five Rings (1997-2010)
Love in the Time of Seið (2010)
Monsterhearts (2012-2017)
Lovecraftesque (2016)
Reign (2007)
Rise & Fall (2016)
Route Clearance (2017)
Seven Wonders (2016)
Shadowrun Anarchy (2016)
The Black Hack (2016)
The Burning Wheel (2002)
The Romance trilogy (2005-2008)
The Quiet Year (2013)
The Sword, the Crown & the Unspeakable Power (not yet released)
The Warren (2015)
Threadbare (2017)
When the Dark is Gone (2016)

Other links
200 Word RPG Challenge
Gauntlet community (for online gaming)
Gauntlet podcast (cast on GauntletCon)
London Indie RPG meetup & facebook group
RPG Haven
Star Trek: The Next Generation: Darmok
Stranger Things
Augmented reality/technology in larp examples

Rob Carnel is a game critic, zine editor and one of the most prolific game-runners at London Indiemeet.

Becky Annison is the award-winning designer of the critically acclaimed games Lovecraftesque and When the Dark is Gone, and is one half of the small press publisher Black Armada games. Becky has been in love with gaming for 26 years and likes to write, run and play games that give you intense feels. She also speaks and writes about RPG design and inclusivity and diversity. When not gaming, Becky likes knitting and detective stories. Becky is relentlessly cheerful, ridiculously creative and so modest she had to get someone else to write this.

Elizabeth Lovegrove is the designer of Rise and Fall, a story game about dystopias, and part of Indie Game of the Year the Seven Wonders anthology. She’s a regular on the Fictoplasm podcast, about turning books into games, and an academic who’s trying to sneak roleplaying into her teaching.

Lloyd Gyan is a lover of indie and story games and also a GMing phenomenon.

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