What’s Hot in Indie RPGs 2018

What’s Hot in Indie RPGs 2018? – Dragonmeet 2018 seminar (47 mins) Download
An annual lookback at 2018 and some of the games and trends in indie rpgs.

Ric moderated this seminar at Dragonmeet on 1st December 2018. The panel was Rob, Eunice Hung, James Mullen and Lloyd Gyan. (Read the hand-outs, including popular con games, biggest kickstarters and themes in the year and a list of games released in 2018)

Please note: this was recorded at a busy convention and so there is considerable background noise and microphone pops and clunks. Please be cautious if listening using earphones.

0107 Rob Carnel on The Clay That Woke (2014) and Minotaur World
0410 James Mullen on Spire (2018)
0702 Eunice Hung on Fall of Magic (2015)
1304 Lloyd Gyan on Legend of the Five Rings 5e (2018)

1700 Rob Carnel on better Powered by the Apocalypse Games and second editions of indie rpgs
1940 James Mullen on a return to solid mechanics in indie rpgs
2133 Eunice Hung on the representation of marginalised groups within indie rpgs
2735 Lloyd Gyan is sick of using numbered dice

3200 Q&A: Please destroy unnecessary crowdfunding stretch-goals
3308 Q&A: Which rpg mechanic or aspect best delivers the designer’s intent?
3950 Q&A: The greatest misuse of PBTA?
4235 Q&A: What makes an rpg well-suited for Twitch / performing in front of an audience?

4550 What games are you looking forward to?
Rob Carnel: Thousand Year Old Vampire
James Mullen: Over the Edge
Eunice Hung: Dream Askew / Dream Apart
Lloyd Gyan: Bastion

Other games mentioned
#Feminism anthology (2016)
A Cosy Den (2018)
Alas, the Awful Sea (2017)
Blades in the Dark (2018)
Conan (2017)
Dread (2005)
Dungeons & Dragons (1974-2014)
Fiasco (2009)
Follow (2017)
Genesys (2017)
Kult: Divinity Lost (2018)
Lady Blackbird (2009)
Masks: A New Generation (2016)
Microscope (2011)
Monkey (2018)
Never Tell Me The Odds (20??)
Nibiru (20??)
Ribbon Drive (2009)
Scum & Villainy (2018)
Sigmata (2018)
Starcrossed (20??)
Storied Yarns (20??)
The Quiet Year (2013)
The Shadow of Yesterday (2004)
Vagabonds of Dyfed (2018)
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3e (2009)
Weave (2017)
Winterhorn (2017)

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