Episode Eight – Lady Blackbird

Episode Eight – Lady Blackbird (47 mins) Download
Lady Blackbird is a tabletop roleplaying game designed by John Harper.
Don’t like background music? Find the music-free recording at the bottom of the page.

0034 Why are we talking about this game?
0127 A scenario with its own rule system
0317 The premise of the scenario
0654 Where did it come from?
0939 What are the mechanics? The obstacle, the dice pool, xp and refreshment scenes
1250 Are they effective? General pool management and spotlighting
1416 Success and failure
1751 What’s best for team vs character and “speedrunning”
1901 Character specialisation and reiterating challenges and controlling the spotlight
2349 “Antisocial” keys and character status
2528 The role of gm
2751 The structure of the story beyond escaping the Hand of Sorrow
2939 The importance of the relationships
3448 Beyond the initial character keys
3614 What should designers take from this game?
4225 Is it part of our canon?
4602 Other games to look at Magister Lor (2015) and Inspectres (2002)

Games mentioned
Magister Lor (2015)
Witch: the Road to Lindisfarne (2012)
Psi*Run (2007)
Blades in the Dark (2017?)
The Shadow of Yesterday (2004)
The Pool (2000)
Marvel Heroic Roleplaying (Cortex) (2012)
Vast & Starlit (2013)

Other things mentioned
The best one shots in the world (Fastaval history)
Star Wars
Harry Potter

Music is Paste the Sky by Paul Ressel and used under licence from Audio Network.

Music-free version Download

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